Random thought

by kenyantraveller

Here’s one thing that I love about having gay men as friends.

There’s an honesty in the way gay men in the West live their lives that you don’t really find in other groups. A defiance that says to the world: look at me! Here I am! Take me on my own terms! You don’t really see that in any other collective that could be termed a”group”. Straight women in the US are burying themselves under layers of make up in order to attain “perfection”. Straight men are grasping towards this vaguely defined standard of masculinity that denies vulnerability, passion and even just regular emotion. Lesbian women seem more comfortable with invisibility or having their struggle subsumed within the broader feminist agenda.

But gay men? They don’t care what you think of them or why. They just live. I appreciate that honesty because that’s how I try to live my life – with honesty, purity of purpose, courage in conviction and openness to vulnerability. I respect anyone who seems close to attaining that.