A Question of Power by Bessie Head

by kenyantraveller

One more thing…

Every so often a book comes into your life that raises all the right questions and pushes your buttons in all the right ways. This is definitely one of those books. So unlike any other book written by an African that I have ever read in so many wonderful ways. An account of a woman’s descent into hell and her subsequent attempts to claw her way out – it’s a fascinating study of the human mind, of the effects of apartheid and racism on the individual and of the true complexity of the individual. Really, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It has absolutely changed me – the unapologetic character of Medusa actually started me thinking around the train of going back to confidence and fierceness, even though I didn’t really think about her in the positive way – and even all deeper meanings aside, it is a quality, well written and wonderful book.

Read it!