Interesting Books 2: Unbowed

by kenyantraveller


I’m reading this next. I had the privilege of meeting Ms Maathai about a year ago in the Netherlands and I have to say, I’m not her biggest fans. You know the way Booker T. Washington talks about “never saying to an audience in the North something that I wouldn’t say to an audience in the South”? I got the sense that Ms Maathai subscribes to the opposite theory, almost pandering to the perspectives of a Global North that is seriously thirsting for some kind of African Hero or Heroine. I don’t think that Wangari is the pinnacle of African female achievement – without taking away from her successes – I just think we’ve produced greater heroes who are less inclined to do the “White Man’s Dance”. But that’s probably just me. Anyway, ask me again in a week.

KT, literally. 😉