Kinshasa week 6-7

by kenyantraveller

… and I am no longer in Kinshasa. Couldn’t be done. I’m sorry but that place was driving me mad. I needed a break and I scheduled it so I wouldn’t have to go back. Primarily, I just couldn’t afford to live there any more. It was actually $400 cheaper for me to forfeit my return flight and fly to Nairobi than it would have been for me to stay in Kinshasa. Then there was the fact that the job just wasn’t doing it. On paper, it was an exciting project and an excellent opportunity. In practice… to many extraneous factors for it to be anything than an exercise in intellectual masturbation. Sure it would make me happy to develop plans and come up with ideas but if they’re not going to help anyone then what’s the point? To make me feel better? To make me feel like I’ve accomplished something?

I don’t need project work to do that, and I certainly don’t need to do that on someone else’s time or at the risk of someone else’s life. Such vanity is the reason why the entire development project is stalled. Too many people focused on justifying their careers and making themselves feel good and accomplished and not enough people actually thinking about the needs of the people who are being served by this so called development. Suffice it to say, it didn’t take a lot for me to decide to leave. I need a rethink. I need to reset the whole career dial before I turn 30 and there’s little chance of going back.

Dear Lord, what next?

KT, changing direction